• Type: Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (Ssris)
  • Manufacturer: AbbVie
  • Substance:
  • Dosage: 5mg, 10mg, 20mg
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The antidepressant drug Lexapro is often prescribed to people suffering from a depressive or anxiety disorder. The active substance of the drug helps to normalize the level of serotonin in the patient’s nerves and brain.

Lexapro in Australia is a prescription drug and is only available in pharmacies with a doctor's prescription. Before using this medicine, you should consult with your doctor to make sure that this medication is safe for you.

Tell the doctor before you use Lexapro in Australia if you are currently using any depression, mental health, infection, or Parkinson's medications. Lexapro interacts poorly with a number of drugs, and combining it with certain medicines or substances can cause severe adverse reactions. It is necessary to tell the doctor about any medical conditions that you have or have had recently.

Be sure to tell your healthcare provider if you have ever experienced high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, sexual problems, stroke, or manic depression.

It is noted that some patients may experience suicidal thoughts after the first dose or be too sensitive to this drug.

If you have an allergic reaction to pimozide, you should not take Lexapro. Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any medications or foods.

It is not recommended to take this antidepressant if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant before you are prescribed this medicine. But, if you are already using Lexapro, do not suddenly stop taking it without consulting your doctor, as this can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

Application and Dosage

The drug is contraindicated to people under the age of 12.

Lexapro should be taken exactly following all the recommendations of the attending physician and the instructions for use of the drug. Usually doctors prescribe to take the drug daily at the same time with or without food.

If you are taking a liquid form, then you should use the special dispenser that comes with the medication to calculate the correct dosage.

Only the doctor can set up the correct dose. Usually, for the treatment of depression, the drug is prescribed in dosages from an initial dose of 10 mg to a maintenance dose of 20 mg. Never take more or less than the prescribed dose. Only your doctor can correct your treatment and change the drug’s dosages.

It may take up to 1 month before the positive effect of the treatment occurs. Throughout your treatment, you should visit your doctor in a timely manner and tell him or her about any changes you note in your symptoms.

If you think that the medicine is not working after long-term use, you should talk to your doctor.

During the treatment, you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Also, do not do the activities that require concentration, such as driving a car, until you are sure that the medicine is safe for you.

Side Effects

Like most medicines, Lexapro may cause some adverse effects such as dizziness, insomnia, appetite problems, agitation, constipation, nausea, impotence, sweating.

If you begin to experience the following symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention: allergies, vision problems, mood swings, weight gain or growth retardation (in children), hallucinations, heart palpitations. If you experience any worsening of your symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

Ask your doctor for a complete list of side effects and contraindications as the information above is not complete.

Keep the drug in a cool, dark place, away from children, and do not let anyone use your medicines.